Infertility Counselling

Helping you through the uncertainty.

Receiving the diagnosis of a fertility problem can be unexpected and devastating.  

From my 7 years working with a licensed fertility centre I have gained a deep understanding of the impact such a diagnosis can have on everyone concerned.

You may experience high levels of social, emotional and relationship stress. Sometimes individuals in a couple find themselves feeling different emotions at some stages, particularly when going through fertility treatment.

This can make communication between them difficult. You may feel that your infertility challenges are taking over your life, leaving you feeling isolated and exhausted.

As your counsellor I can help you find ways to cope better with your practical and emotional difficulties. We can explore how you can improve your communication with your partner when you’re both feeling under pressure.  I can also support you to find how best to manage work demands during your treatment.

It can be really helpful to be able to talk in confidence to someone other than friends or family. It allows you to be open and honest about difficult thoughts and feelings. If you think I could be that person for you, please contact me for an informal chat.